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About Enjoy Desert Tours Company

About Enjoy Desert Tours

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Enjoy Desert Tours is a local Travel Company based in Sahara Desert of Morocco . Over two decades later, the family has grown its business to become one of the most reputable providers in Morocco. Partnering with experienced, local professional guides and agencies who are experts of their respective regions, Enjoy Desert Tours offers award-winning tour packages at affordable prices. Serving each of its customers with individualized, top quality service.

Enjoy Desert Tours is your one-stop shop to create memories that will last a lifetime!.

We specialize in private  Private Morocco Desert Tours, Family Morocco Packages, Honeymoon Tours, Desert Camp Tours, Luxury Desert Camp Tours, Photography Tours, Small Group Tours, Mountain Trekking and Hiking and Private holidays of Morocco with special interests or special needs. Create a tour that lets you experience Morocco at your own pace and includes the sites, activities and experiences that you want to explore.

Let us guide you on a once in a lifetime journey as we help you explore the magic of our country and create unforgettable memories here in Morocco.


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Driver & Tour guide


Driver & Tour guide


Driver & Tour guide