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You'll find great ideas for your honeymoon here. Whether is romance or adventure that you're looking for, these packages offer great deals on all kinds of tours with special features for newlyweds. with staying in the most beautiful romantic places in the Atlantic can spend night in luxury desert camp in middle of sahara desert .and sunrise hot air balloon in marrakech . All of these can mark the beginning of your life together.

Morocco has some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, and there are few places better for a wedding.
It is no surprise then that so many travelers choose to have their weddings in Morocco. We will ensure that
your honeymoon in Morocco if you choose to have it here, will be the perfect blend of relaxation, activity,
and romance. You know when you use Enjoy Desert Tours, that you are getting a premier wedding and honeymoon planning business helping you out. This is why we are an event-planning leader in Morocco.

When you are on your honeymoon in Morocco, you will have plenty of ‘alone time’ while making sure you also
have time for tours with our qualified guides and drivers, as well as visits to restaurants, shops and
attractions. While on your honeymoon in Morocco, you will experience the love of your new found marriage,
while seeing a country with some of the richest histories in Africa. When you choose Enjoy Desert Tours,
you are choosing a tour company that is considered a leader in Moroccan travel. We will take your plans
for your honeymoon in Morocco and turn them into an event to remember. That is the Amazan Treks Morocco difference.

Your honeymoon in Morocco will be perfect

Breathtaking landscapes

Total relaxation

History and folklore

Get the itinerary for your Morocco honeymoon here

Romantic nights in amazing riads

Million-star hotel Spend a night in the dunes

Pamper yourself at the wonderful spas

Just the 2 of you a private trip for Morocco honeymoon

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